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Legion Rules

KiraHawke, Jan 13, 13 11:15 AM.
1. Legion Management

1.1) Legion Leadership:
KiraHawke, Purefusion, Eleneora, Vindice and Kuksi!

1.2) Talk with the leaders:
If you have a problem with anyone or anything, contact one of the leaders first, we are here to help you out. Whatever the problem with another legion member or anyone else is, rather contact us, then let the situation escalate.

1.3) Be patient:
The leaders are only human as well, they have real lives outside the game and can't be there 24/7. Every problem can be solved, only thing that's required is a little bit of patience

2. General Rules

2.1) Be nice friendly and polite:
This is main rule of this guild. Foul and/or offensive language won't be tolerated and can lead to expulsion of the offending legionmate. Don't use foul language to offend/flame any person in legion chat and forums.

2.2) Be patient with lower lvl players:
They may not know everything as well as you do, so try to help out and explain it to them so they may know for the next time. Be willing to explain to growing players about the game, raids, legion activities and rules, so they have a chance to become a good and caring member in future.

2.3) Language:
We don't expect from you to have a college degree in English, but you should be able to know it well enough to communicate with legionmates. Communication is very important for instance, pvp and most importantly for a good atmosphere in the legion. We understand that you might want to speak in your own language but avoid doing it in legion chat. There are whispers/groups for that and you can even create a channel for you and other people.

2.4) Bots and Speed hacks
Using Bot programs or Speed Hack programs is not accepted and will not be tolerated. If we find out that member is using such programs actions will immediately be taken, the person will be expelled from the legion, and the proof of the hacking will be sent to the support, which will result in their account getting banned.

2.5) Ninjas
Ninja-ing will not be tolerated. If we find out that you ninjad something, you will get expelled. We are a serious legion and teamplayers, if you cannot accept that then you won't be a part of that team. Also, if you find out or hear rumours that one of our members is a ninja, ask for proof, and forward that proof to one of the leaders who will then take care of the issue. Don't argue it out on your own or seek personal justice, that's what the leaders are there for.

2.6) Selling in the legion
Selling in the legion is not allowed!!!!! You have a trade chat or LFG for that. Helping the legion crafters by buying the materials they need to make the stuff for YOU, is a completly diferent matter. They usually make little to no profit of it.

3. TS

3.3) Teamspeak Channel
You will find info about our Teamspeak ingame in our legion announcement.

4. Inactivity

4.1) Maximum inactivity for players:
- 15 days unannounced.

4.2) Announce your innactivity:
If you have real life issues which don't allow you to log in and play, please let us know on forums or in game by contacting the leaders. If you don't want to get kicked for no reason, it's strongly recommended that you pay attention to this rule

5. Raids / Instances / Dungeons / Sieges

5.1) Don't be greedy
If you are a sorcerer with an awesome tome, let's say +10 Stormwing tome with a pvp fuse, don't roll on that Debil tome that drops in LUT if the SM/Sorc from your legion needs it to replace his Blue tome. As said before, teamplay or no play.

5.2) Planning dungeon runs
If you feel like raiding something, ask in legion first, maybe someone wants to do it aswell. If someone needs help with a dungeon, and you have nothing better to do than chat or duel in Gelkmaros Fortress, go and help them, that's what legion mates are for.

5.3) Listen to the instructions
Always listen to others and pay attention to the chat. Don't do something reckless, don't ignore the legion leaders, don't ignore the group/alliance leaders. No matter how experienced you think you are, if we say do one thing, and you do another, and the group gets wiped because of that, then we (meaning you) have a problem.

5.4) Fort instances.
- class roll for weapons / armor / accessories
- lesser icons and medals FFA (except platinum medals)
- other relics – you win one, you get marked
- If someone from the group has ap relic counter, the ap will go to who has the lesser ap atm.

Crazy Dogs Gold Pack Giveaway!

KiraHawke, Jan 6, 13 11:33 AM.
Crazy Dogs will offer some gold packs to its members, more details soon!

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